7 Best Fujifilm Portrait Film Simulations

Best Fujifilm Portrait Film Simulation Recipes

A list of best Fujifilm portrait film simulations and custom film recipes for Fujifilm X Series mirrorless cameras. Here I have carefully tested and researched based on my portrait photoshoot sessions using some custom film recipes. The film recipes below might interest some of the Fujifilm portrait photographers who would like to create a retro look in their photos.

After reading some of the custom film recipes for portraits on the internet, here I have our own list where Fuji users can choose the default film simulations straight from their camera, great for portraiture photography, whether it’s indoor or outdoor photoshoot.

I have also included a few film recipes created by Fujixweekly in the list below, which are widely used by Fujifilm shooters around the world. The following film simulations and custom film recipes are available for X-Trans 4 sensor cameras.

List Of Film Simulations Best For Portraits

If you are a Fujifilm portrait photographer or personal travel photographer who uses the Fujifilm system and loves to experiment with the color profiles, these are some of the film simulations I’ve used for my portrait photoshoots indoor or outdoor.

My favorite film simulation used for my portrait photoshoot sessions is Pro Neg Hi, Kodak Portra 400 and Classic Chrome. I like to find my own color style and in the future, I will be creating more X-T4 custom film simulation recipes, so stay tuned for it.

Film simulations are not about adding color filters or presets to photos, the best thing about Fujifilm film simulation is you can add a film-like color tone and replicate it to look like shooting with a film camera. Below photos are captured with the Fujifilm X-T30 with various lens brands from Fujinon, Asahi Pentax, and Viltrox.

1. Pro Negative Std

Fujifilm Pro Neg Std Portrait Film Simulation

The Pro Neg Std is ideal for portrait photography and color post-processing. This film simulation gives a neutral color and soft skin tones.

2. Pro Negative Hi

Fujifilm Pro Neg Hi Portrait Film Simulation

Pro Neg Hi is one of the popular film simulations for portraits with slightly enhanced contrast. Ideal for street, lifestyle, and fashion portraits.

3. Classic Chrome

Fujifilm Classic Chrome Portrait Film Recipes

A widely used film simulation with a calm and soft color tone. Ideal for outdoor and indoor portrait photography.

4. Kodak Portra 400

Fujigilm Film Recipe For Portraits Kodak Portra 400

A film recipe created by Fujiweekly is the most popular vintage film recipe used for street photography and portraits.

5. Classic Negative

Fujifilm Classic Negative Portrait Film Simulation

This film simulation is available on the Fujifilm X-T4, X-Pro3 & XS-10. This film simulation renders a classic color suitable for creative street portraits. We found the Retro Allure film recipe has a more defined vintage portrait color tone and is great for fashion, casual, and lifestyle shoots for influencers.

6. Provia

Fujifilm Provia Portrait Film Simulation

Provia, which is quite similar to the Leica color science, is ideal for any kind of portrait, fashion, and lifestyle.

7. Noir

Fujifilm Noir Portrait Film Recipe

Fujifilm Noir is a custom film recipe great for those who want to create dramatic and creative portrait shoots.

The Fujifilm portrait film simulations are good for travel portraits, fashion, and lifestyle too, just save the Fujifilm portrait custom settings and you’re good to go with just one click. Forget about the hassle of editing photos and sharing them straight on social media or online.

As a portrait photographer using a Fujifilm camera, I have come across some customers who might not like the color profiles, so it is best to choose one that looks good with natural color and skin tone, best choose Pro Neg Hi or Classic Chrome. If you are not into SOOC, another alternative is to do post-processing in RAW which gives you more options for highlights, shadows, and other adjustments.

The best post-editing software for portraits shot with Fujifilm system is by using Capture One for color tone adjustment and Photoshop for touch-ups. I prefer my portrait works to look natural with some minor adjustments.

If you are traveling, you can try out the travel film recipes and street photography recipes used for capturing the moments of daily life in the city. I also will be compiling the list of film recipes for landscape photography if you like to take scenery and architecture and add some stunning colors to it.