Vibrant Dream – X-Trans IV Portrait Film Simulation Recipe

Vibrant Dreamy Portrait Fujifilm Film Simulation Recipe

Looking for a good Fujifilm film simulation recipe for portrait photography but can’t seem to find one that fits your mood? You’ve come to the right place. This set of custom settings is compatible with all Fujifilm X-Trans IV cameras that have the Classic Chrome film simulation, known as one of the best portrait film simulations for Fujifilm photographers.

This new Vibrant Dream film simulation created by is great for street fashion portraits and creative portraits. By adding camera gear such as the diffusion filter, you will get a unique cinematic color tone to your SOOC images.

The Moment CineBloom diffusion filter is used in this film recipe to create the cinematic colour tone for your creative portrait photography. You are unlikely to find any similar film simulation recipe on the internet.

One advantage of shooting straight out of the camera (SOOC) is that you don’t have to heavily edit your images, which allows you to share them right away on social media or with your talents.

By adding a diffusion filter, is what make our portrait film simulation recipe so special from those found on other websites. What is the difference between Downtown Bloom & Vibrant Dream?

We would say, Dreamy Glow, is fine-tuned hybrid film simulation recipe for daily life and dreamy fashion portraits. Try to overexpose 1/3 stop when shooting portraits and underexpose -1/3 for street photography.

Film Simulation Recipe Settings

Film Simulation: Classic Chrome
Dynamic Range DR100
Grain Effect: Off
Color Chrome Effect: Weak
Color Chrome FX Blue: Strong
White Balance Auto R4 B-3
Highlight: +1
Shadow Tone +2
Color: +1
Sharpness: -1
High ISO NR -4
Clarity: 0
Exposure Compensation: -1/3 to 1/3 Stop

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How to Shoot using Vibrant Dream with Cinematic Effect?

We are here to help and guide you on how to achieve the cinematic bloom effect of this recipe. This recipe is used for golden hour photography and best shoot in the cityscape with high buildings.

All you need to do is find a spot with good lighting on your subject.

Before the portrait photoshoot, you can go for a survey of the area which gives you the best natural lighting possible.

This recipe works really well with backlight from the sun, in the shade with sunlight casting on the background. You might want to find natural light that illuminates well on your subject and play around with the light and shadow.

By adjusting the exposure compensation correctly, you can easily brighten your SOOC images without having to worry about underexposing in your still images.

This will also create the ‘cinematic bloom’ effect on the highlights which creates the glows that what’s this ‘Street Glow’ film simulation recipe all about.